Welcome to Laumiu Pirtis!

Birute Masiliauskiene is a Master of bath art and meditation, lecturer, journalist, poet, writter, author and a co-author of more than 100 books, for the last 9 years co-author and host of the TV show Vantos Lapas (in English: Leaf of a Whisk) - a weekly TV show about sauna.

Birute is a Master of Humanities, with her knowledge of the natural treatment methods deriving from the family traditions and folk healers.

For the last 20 years, she has been studying the techniques of body-oriented psychotherapy, psychology, bioenergy and ancient tantric meditation. More than that, Birute is a Reiki master and a therapist practicing the method of Systemic Family Constellations of B. Hellinger.

Birute works as a professional bath master for 15 years already, and for the last 12 years – as an instructor at Lithuanian Bath Academy and International Bath Academy. In addition, she is a founder of sauna club Laumių pirtis (in English: Bath od Pixies). 

President of the Association of Professional Bathmasters.

Winner of International Sauna Masters Fiesta (2016, Palanga, Lithuania), award Master of All Masters.

Bronze award of 2nd International Sauna-SPA Championship (2016, Sochi, Russia).

In recent years, she is developing a unique trend of bioenergy baths, with the ultimate goal - to combine ancient wisdom with modern bath techniques, science, body-oriented psychotherapy and meditation in order to heal both body and soul.


Laumė is Lithuanian goddess of earth and water. It connects the heavens to the Earth and controls the elements. And it is no coincidence that the women of "Laumių Pirtis" are just the same.

The meditation of your body and soul. A complete control of the elements surrounding you. Taking the greatest gifts the Earth can give to make you feel out of this world. In a way, this can be considered a work of a goddess. What it truly is, it's a matter of skill and talent.

There's a way of making sauna not a matter of competition and suffering – instead making it a way of relaxing and finding peace within yourself.

We make sure that each and every one our clients finds peace and relaxes thanks to the sauna procedures. This is achieved by using a vast amount of all-natural herbs and whisks to make our sauna procedures the finest there are to find – and we are true to our word when we say that you will not be able to find anything like this anywhere else.

Unlike some methods used in popular SPA place, our procedures are not mass produced. Every client is unique. And we make sure to treat them the same, therefore, just one hour of our help equals to a day off in a great resort. And a whole evening in "Laumių Pirtis" is just as amazing as a great SPA holiday.

It's all tailored for you and made out to be an ultimate way for those who are looking to relax. Recharge your batteries. Trust the skill of our bathmasters, their knowledge on herbs, whisks and the art of sauna. And your body will be thankful.